Hey, Gorgeous! {Honey}

Hey, Gorgeous! {Honey}


We understand the power of words and how they influence our every being. Our {Honey} is filled with affirmations, potent truths and other friendly reminders in a tiny jar. We can all do a better job of taking care of ourselves.


Our classic formula, Hey, Gorgeous! is formulated for all self types who are ready to claim space. 


Less STRESS, more self-compassion and self-love have become the new go-to. Our Honey formula is just what we all need!

  • What's In My Jar?

    + Multi-tasking formula, infused with all-natural love. Rich in patience, kindness, truth, protection, trust, hope and the permission to live your best life.

    + 2oz recycleable jar filled with a month's worth of notes on eco-friendly paper

    + Handmade with magic

    + Free of anxiety, insecurities, negativity, stress, envy, anger, confusion, overthinking, self-doubt and fear.

  • Side Effects

    *May cause a boost of self-love, self-worth, mini-breakthroughs, aha moments, joy, peace, a radiant glow, badassery, self-discovery and ambition.

  • Social Impact

    + Each purchase supports girls advocacy initiatives around the world.