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Updated: Apr 6

Hello everyone! Welcome to ByBlkWomen! I started this platform to build a community for us to share our stories, our way. As progressive as we believe the world is, unfortunately platforms, businesses and art in all forms created by women with brown skin of all shades are still overlooked. I figured, if they won’t acknowledge us and our stories, then we’ll celebrate and grow from shared experiences ourselves. This is why stories written by us are so important. They spark the challenging conversations that help us explore the complexities and beauty of ourselves and our communities.

As this platform grows, we hope to accomplish several goals, including:

1. Continue to celebrate and invest in works created and founded by Black women around the world in different industries and spaces.

2. Grow and connect our community of trailblazing women through Tribe using our app which features resourceful and motivating messages and more sent directly to you!


3. Support our nonprofit Afro Girls and African girls who are inspired by communities and women like us in countries where their voices, safety and education are ignored.

We’ve got a lot more content to share with you and we can’t wait!

Thanks for building with us!



- Toks


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