Overcoming Anxiety and Fear by India Shackelford

I am India Shackelford, a newlywed & yoga teacher. I would like to share my story of overcoming anxiety and fear through counseling, faith & yoga. As a black women I boldly stepped into spaces where it’s hard to see myself. You don’t find many black women in counseling spaces nor in yoga studios. I’ve always struggled with anxiety but didn’t know what to do with it so for me it showed up as irritation, independence and isolation. It wasn’t until my roaring 20s that I began to unpack and bounce back from all the trauma trapped inside for all these years. Yoga was the first step to unlocking trapped emotions. Anytime I stepped on my mat, I invited God to show up and show me myself. Many times I was left with tears and emotions. It wasn’t until 2019 that I began to see a therapist. I was lucky to find a black therapist in my area that blended well with my beliefs and shared interest. The journey to be vulnerable and share my yoga, my faith and my experiences in therapy have helped me develop into a stronger understanding of who I am as a women, my place here on this earth and I life lived with a more manageable and healthy anxiety level. I am truly able to let go and let God more in my life because of these 3 guiding forces God, Yoga + Therapy. Have been my saving grace as I walking into womanhood as a black woman. I pray to inspire other black women in my life to take back their body, mind and spirit through a lense of awe and wonder to find your true self.

~ @indiadesiarae

Your story matters, wherever you are in life. Share your story with us and inspire Black women around the world. #CANDIDByBlkWomen


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