By Black Women is a community for trailblazing Black women around the world who heal, build and grow by sharing our stories, our way.  We share lifestyle and Black and African literature features from women who dare to create. From wellness to entrepreneurship to social-impact, our words and experiences disrupt the world's idea of who we are and how we are represented.


As we build, we're working towards creating resources to support brands and projects by Black women around the world. By building a thriving community of women who invest in and genuinely support each other and look to each other as inspiration and not competition, we are setting positive examples of womanhood in an unjust society, sisterhood and leadership for our young girls. 

Our Tribe app creates a collective that connects Black women around the world through resourceful affirmations and opportunities to share lessons from experiences!

In an effort to use our stories to mentor, we also support Afro Girls, Inc. which inspires Black girls around the world to be leaders, innovators and changemakers in countries where education, health and access to basic human rights for our girls are not valued. Currently serving Africa and the United States, our community directly impacts the opportunities, dreams and images these girls create for themselves. 

byblkwomen is a is a proud supporter of Goal 4 and Goal 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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